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    More Than A Healing

    On the surface, this healing looks like one more of many that Jesus performs, the healing of a man with leprosy. As we look at it more closely, we're brought to the reality that Jesus really is asking us a question through the healing. That being, do I see myself as the leper in this story?
  • Midweek Wake-Up

    This week's wake-up

    If you walk into many Christian bookstores or look at the online Christian book sites you'll find many different books on what Jesus can or wants to do for you.  Many of these books tend to be "Christianized" self-help books.  For example "Your best life now - 7 steps to living at your full potential" or "Stepping Up - Discover the power of your position" or "The power of positive energy - powerful thinking, powerful life".  And this is before we begin to look at books about how God wants to heal us from all our sicknesses!