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    How Much Evidence Do You Need?

    After yet one more miracle, the religious crowd around Jesus ask for just one more sign, to verify he really is the Messiah. Sighing with despair, encountering their hardened hearts, Jesus gets in the boat and leaves. Which really does prompt the question for everyone of us, 'how much evidence do we really need'?
  • Midweek Wake-Up

    This week's wake-up

    It might seem a bit strange after reading of yet another incident of feeding a multitude of people on a hill, that perhaps the most intriguing words in Mark 8:1-13, I find to be in verse 13.  It’s here that we read “And he left them, got into the boat again, and went to the other side”.  This comes following their request for a sign from heaven, that would finally verify his claims to be the Messiah.