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    Did God Really Call us to Volunteer?

    It's interesting to observe that while we often call for volunteers in the church, often with the caveat 'how will things happen if you don't volunteer', Paul never seems to speak that way. Rather, he speaks about the absolute privilege it is to serve the King, even if it means being in jail. What is the difference in the two responses?
  • Midweek Wake-Up

    This week's wake-up

    In the midst of an argument between two very influential groups, the disciples and the Scribes comes one of the remarkable responses we read about in the Bible.  Commentator James Edwards describes it as one of the greatest responses in all of Scripture from an honest man, and one of the most transparent in all of Scripture.  A man who’s faith is rather imperfect, struggling, weak, and yet an honest plea for help from the only one he knows that can help him.