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    Do I Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist – Does God Really Want Me To Be Joyful?

    Seems many people view God as a dour old man who wishes to destroy all of our joy. Like he's a kind of Cosmic kill joy. Not sure the Bible would agree with that view. In fact it portrays God as the happy God, the one who wants us to experience joy to the full. Does the Bible really say that.....?
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    This week's wake-up

    In this day and age it seems like it is becoming increasingly challenging to be a Christian who seeks to follow the Bible as attacks are coming from apparently every direction. This has also been the perception in regards to the intersection of science and Christianity. There are skeptics such as Richard Dawkins, who believe that the discoveries of science invalidate the need for any sort of creator to either initiate and/or guide the scientific process. His claim is that God is now irrelevant and has actually been a delusion all along.