Midweek Wake-Up, March 22, 2018

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Seems each week, as we share through our community prayer time, we get a glimpse into our lives as individuals and as a body.  Often we hear of much joy, and many times we hear of many struggles and the painful reality of our lives and what we walk through, either personally or alongside others.

Midweek Wake-Up, March 15th, 2018

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As I sat and read through the book of Exodus last week, I became keenly aware of the tendency within me, to defend God, while missing the sheer wonder of His grace and mercy.

Midweek Wake-Up, March 3rd, 2018

Written by: on: March 7, 2018

My friend described a number of "social" programs that were happening at the location. I acknowledged that those programs sounded very worthwhile. I explained, however,  that I was thinking of "gospel" ministry where the gospel is a proclaimed life-saving message. I was surprised by my friend's response. He quoted Francis of Assisi: "Preach the gospel at all times. Use words if necessary". I think my friend sensed my disappointment.

Midweek Wake-Up, February 28, 2018

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On Sunday we considered that the motivation for obedience to the rules that Paul gives in Colossians chapter 3 is two-fold.

Midweek Wake-Up, February 21, 2018

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“Who do you say I am?”  A question that we all have to wrestle with, as did Peter and the disciples the day that Jesus asked them this penetrating question, in Matthew 16.

Midweek Wake-Up, February 15, 2018

Written by: on: February 15, 2018

If you were in church on Sunday, you heard the quote from Wendy Alsup, where she writes “If you know what God created in perfection, you will begin to recognize it when you see it in redemption”.  The more I reflect on this thought, and the dance you and I are called into as men and women, husbands and wives for the glory of God, the more significant it becomes.

Midweek Wake-Up, January 31, 2018

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Martial Artist, Bruce Lee apparently said at one point in his life “I fear not the man that has practiced 10,000 kicks once - I fear the man that has practiced one kick 10,000 times”.  Someone so well versed in one kick, would be a very dangerous opponent.

Midweek Wake-Up, January 24, 2018

Written by: on: January 25, 2018

In Colossians 3:1-4, the apostle Paul lays out some stunning truths.  And although his words are very clear there is still a tremendous sense of mystery to them.

Midweek Wake-Up, January 17, 2018

Written by: on: January 17, 2018

Sunday, as we walked through Colossians 2:16-23 we were both encouraged and warned by Paul’s words.  Asking the church at Colossae, why they’d settle for mere shadows of religion, when the reality of the gospel is found in Christ alone.

Midweek Wake-Up, January 10, 2018

Written by: on: January 10, 2018

As we begin the dawn of another new year, with the beginning still fresh in our mind, I want to simply direct you to one question to ponder.  Perhaps a question to reflect on, as you think of what you wish to pursue in the year ahead.

Midweek Wake-Up, January 3rd, 2018

Written by: on: January 3, 2018

What are your goals for 2018?  At the AIM fall supper, Dr. Grant Richison spoke about the mindset of William Carey.  When we travel to India and Bangladesh it is remarkable how many of our Christian brothers and sisters speak about William Carey like their spiritual grandfather.

Midweek Wake-Up, December 20, 2017

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Midweek Wake-Up, December 13, 2017

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What an astonishing paradox Christmas presents us with. On the one hand, we rightly remember that a fully human baby was miraculously born to a virgin and laid in a cattle feeding trough. That fact itself is amazing, right?

Midweek Wake-Up, December 6, 2017

Written by: on: December 6, 2017

As I write this I reflect on my cold, windy walk to church this morning.  Walking amidst the dim of the winter morning, covering up my face as the wind howled with increasing intensity.

Midweek Wake-Up, November 28, 2017

Written by: on: December 4, 2017

Good morning church. As I reflect back on this past Sunday and the first eight verses of Colossians, I once again am reminded of God’s grace. We need to return to God’s grace regularly.