Midweek Wale-Up, November 1st, 2017

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Written by: on: November 1, 2017

On Sunday we heard, as written by Professor John Stackhouse that one of the struggles of Canadian Christians is that “our love is largely sentimental.”   I would say it’s sentimental because it lacks depth and true authentic concern for one another.  It’s a love that has bought into the individualistic culture we find ourselves living in, a love that wanes from Biblical truth.  A love that cannot fathom Biblical discipline being the caring way to live and grow as a community of believers.  A community that together reflects the glory of God.

The question I then ask is, “can this be true love?”   Hebrews 12 tells us that because of His incredible love for us, God disciplines us as His very own children.  In fact, if he doesn’t do this, the Bible says we’re illegitimate children.  Seeming to imply that we’re not actually His children at all.

Does this not change how we view love?  And church discipline for that matter?  As we noted on Sunday, the reason we parents go through the difficult work and ministry of disciplining our children is because of our immense love for them.  And this is what brings about unity in our families and homes rather than chaos.  So, if we are the household and family of God, would it not make sense that we carry out discipline in the church as well?  For the sake of each other, for the sake of our unity, for the sake of our corporate witness as the bride of Christ, for the sake of displaying the glory of God?

So this morning NSC, as we prepare for yet another day (you in Winnipeg & Keith, Cavy and I on our trip).  I encourage us again to ask God to continually soften our hearts to the authority of Scripture in our lives, as individuals and as the corporate body of Christ.  And may this lead us to a deep sense of covenanting together in meaningful relationships, loving each other enough to carry out Biblical discipline, displaying the glory and love of God as we do this.  All in order that we too may echo the words of Job in our lives: “I had heard about God, but now I’ve seen Him!”

Pastor Al