Midweek Wake-Up, September 26th, 2018

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Written by: on: September 26, 2018

There was a day in Matthew when Jesus explains that “the one who hears the words of Jesus and puts them into practice is like a wise man who builds his house on the rock.  The storms may beat against it, but this house will not fall.  The opposite of this says Jesus is the one who does not accept the authority of Jesus’ words and thus discards them.  This is like the individual who builds his house on sand, having it succumb to the storms that inevitably will come”.

Perhaps this is why Mark, knowing the authority and seriousness of Jesus’ words, delves immediately into the heart of the matter of gospel truth, as he begins his account of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Unless our foundation is built on the reality that Jesus is the Son of God, having come to prepare the way for us to be reconciled to God, taking on the punishment of our sin, we risk building on a sandy foundation.  God further emphasizes this in Mark 1, as Jesus is coming out of the waters of baptism, with a voice declaring that Jesus is the Son of God.  The heavens are rendered, and in response to Isaiah’s cry in Isaiah 64, God is stepping into our world to rescue us.  And as Jesus is the Son of God, we know that a belief in the gospel gives us the right to come to God as children, having been given the right to live in our identity as children of God, because the Son of God has come to deliver us.

Grasping this, Mark writes, invites us into a whole new way of living.  Life in the Kingdom of God, the place Jesus tells us is an invitation into a greater life then we could have ever imagined.

The truth of the gospel, confirmed by the identity of God’s son Jesus, who has given us an identity as His children, inviting us into a whole new way of living!!

This morning NSC, as you prepare for your day, may you dwell on the reality of gospel truth, giving you a firm foundation on which to bank your lives, one that will withstand whatever lies ahead for you today, and this week!

Pastor Al