Midweek Wake Up, September 21, 2017

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Written by: on: September 21, 2017

What will you be doing in ten thousand years time?  What are you doing in this life now, that will continue to be of real impact in ten thousand years time?  At the risk of oversimplification let me suggest the following.  If you are a believer you will be living in pure undiluted paradise, enjoying the eternal God and the wonder of his perfect creation in a way that is beyond our wildest imagination at the moment.  The following things will be of little significance then: what you did for a career in this life, how physically healthy you were, whether you were married or single, what sports teams you followed and how successful they were, what house you lived in, what vehicle you drove, whether you had kids or not, how well your kids did at school and how successful their careers were.  It’s not that these things aren’t important, to some degree or another, they really are, but, in ten thousand years time?

However, what if, in ten thousand years time there are people who in the providence of God are also enjoying the unhindered worship of the living God with you in paradise becauseGod spoke words of eternal life through you to them. That is, the gospel, the great news about Jesus Christ.  What if God had taken those words and miraculously changed that person and the trajectory of their life, forever? It seems to me, that those words of truth that perhaps initially came out in a slightly awkward fumbling manner, will still continue to be of incalculable significance in ten thousand years time and, indeed, on into eternity.

NSC, what will you talk about this week with the people you rub shoulders with?

Pastor Andy