Midweek Wake-Up, September 12th, 2018

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Written by: on: September 12, 2018

Sunday, we took a trip back to Exodus 32, the incident that finds the Israelites dancing around a golden calf.  Having become colonized by the surrounding culture, engaging in sexual activity around the golden Baal seemed to make perfect sense.  This was the way of the society in which they lived.  Thus taking on more than one god was their custom and framework, and it once again was played out in this incident.

The colonization of the church is that which happens when we begin to switch our allegiances, and the truth of one true God becomes compromised.  We see this constantly throughout the lives of the Israelites, and we see it in the western church in 2018.  We may still claim to worship God, but the ideologies of the surrounding culture find their way into our thinking and our views of what it means to be a follower of Christ.

And as our enemy seeks to devour us, as we read in I Peter 5:8, we are in danger of being colonized by the culture that surrounds us, taking us away from truth, the truth of sin and the gospel.  This is the battle that you and I are in, and much like the Israelites, we sometimes don’t even realize how cunning our enemy is, and where we’ve been colonized.

Which does bring us back to the questions that Pierre asked us on Sunday.  Questions that help us to understand if we have in fact been colonized in any way.  Penetrating questions that we all must ask ourselves:

-Have I begun to believe that Jesus is one of many good spiritual leaders, or do I believe that He is the Lord and the Son of God?

-Do my views on human sexuality reflect the truths of Scripture, or do they more closely reflect the surrounding culture?

-Is my identity in what the surrounding culture declares about me, or what the God of the Bible declares about me?

-Do I believe in an absolute truth, or do I believe that truth comes in many different forms?

How we answer these may be an indication of whether or not we’ve become colonized.  So I urge you NSC, this week, to ask God to search your heart for any place where we might be falling into compromise.  And then to cry out for God’s mercy to lead us back to the worship of the one true God!!

Pastor Al