Midweek Wake-Up, October 5th, 2017

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Written by: on: October 5, 2017

This week I sat in stunned silence watching the news surrounding the tragic events that took place in Las Vegas, perhaps feeling it more closely as two Manitoba women were among the many injured.  This on the heels of the attack in Edmonton on Saturday night, suddenly making Winnipeg feel much more vulnerable.  All this leading to one local radio personality declaring “we’re living in crazy times”.  While I agree with him in many ways, I’m sure that each generation along the way has declared those same words.  Mixed into the tragic events of the past week, was being challenged with the thought that the church in many ways has lost her conviction.

As I prayed for and thought about the many affected by this senseless tragedy, I was brought back to the book of Nehemiah, where the people of God long for God’s Word to be read to them, weeping with emotion at hearing the words.  The living words of the living God, bringing them to understanding that “the joy of the Lord is their strength”.

Understanding that the Living Word of God was their source of life.  Their source of salvation and hope.  Their source for somehow trying to understand and make sense out of the harsh realities of life in a broken and sinful world.  This Sunday we’ll look at why our understanding of God is so crucial in the midst of this.

Because in the Words of the Living God, we have a hope to offer in these times that leave us shaken and confused.  As the world looks for answers and tries to make sense out of the daily news, we have the one sure foundation that will never change.  The living, sovereign God who reigns over all.  Perhaps we need to ask ourselves if we live with this conviction as central to our lives?

This morning NSC, may you be reminded again of the realities of the truth of Scripture.  May we hunger for God’s Word as they did in Nehemiah, being filled with His Word.  And may we live with the conviction that the Word of God holds out hope, and the gospel really is the power to save!

Pastor Al