Midweek Wake-Up, October 24th, 2018

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Written by: on: October 24, 2018

It’s a rather sobering thought, to read about the healing of a leper, one who is completely cut off from society as an outcast, and being reminded that this leper is a picture of you and I.  We are no different than this man, as we’re reminded at the end of Mark 1.  This leper who has been declared unclean, unfit to be in the presence of society, breaks through all the barriers to get to Jesus, the one he knows who can cleanse him, and restore him to society.  Then when he’s cleansed, he’s sent to the priest, to offer the sacrifice to verify his cleanness.  An act that has the priest acknowledge that Jesus is God himself, leaving the priest to wonder whether he will follow Jesus or religion?

If you’re wondering, how does this pertain to us? We like the leper, have been totally cut off from God due to our sin.  While we often like to look at a story like this, and envision others in our minds, it’s a picture of us, and the sin we wallow in.  And our sin has been atoned for by the great High Priest, leaving us with the question of whether or not I want Jesus, or do I simply want religion?  A question that does penetrate us to the core.

This morning NSC, I encourage you to once again read Mark 1:40-45 and see yourself as the leper, and ask yourself, am I willing to break through all the barriers to get to Jesus, receiving in the process God Himself.  And as we see that Jesus has come to cleanse us, and atone for our sin, may we not simply hunger for religion, but may we hunger for God!

This is an act of healing, but an act that is much more than a healing.  An act that gives us such a picture of ourselves, and such an incredibly gracious picture of the God we worship.  Once again NSC, may you rejoice in being cleansed by the Messiah and having received God Himself!!  And may this bring a deep joy to your day!

Pastor Al