Midweek Wake-Up, November 28, 2017

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Written by: on: December 4, 2017

Good morning church. As I reflect back on this past Sunday and the first eight verses of Colossians, I once again am reminded of God’s grace. We need to return to God’s grace regularly. I even looked at my midweek from only two weeks ago, and all I was writing about in there was God’s grace. How is it that only two weeks later I am already writing again about the need for us to remember God’s grace? Two reasons…God’s grace is ALL over the Bible…and we always forget about it. So Paul challenges us to remember the first time we understood God’s grace. Do you remember the first time you understood God’s grace?

As I alluded to briefly on Sunday, in many ways the relationship between a Christian and Christ is similar to the relationship between husband and wife. When a husband and wife get married, it is a ridiculously awesome and exciting thing. Trust me, I’ve experienced it. Every day, you get up and you’re so happy that you’ve committed your life to this person. It’s great. But then over time, you start to drift from that. Over time, some of the “spark” falls away, and you may fall into the things that our culture says about the marriage. And when that happens, you have forgotten about how awesome it was when you married that person. You may not understand that love is not that feeling you have when you first got married, but love is continuously choosing to love that person, day after day, year after year. (I don’t have more time to get into this, but if this is you and you need help in your marriage, please talk to me or one of the other pastors, and we would be more than happy to help)

But we do this same thing with God. When we first experience God’s grace, it’s truly an amazing thing. It’s like someone finally marrying their spouse. That experience of understanding that God loves you, not because of anything you did or didn’t do, but because Christ loved you and died for you…that experience is like nothing else. It should literally make you “stand on your head for joy.” (John Piper) But over time we forget about that. When you forget about God’s grace, things like getting up to do your morning devotions is like getting up to the experience of your spouse’s morning breath…it’s just not pleasant. But when you are remembering what it was first like to marry your spouse, you mind the morning breathless. When you are remembering God’s grace, you are excited to connect with God daily.

Friends, if you don’t read anything else I’ve written, read this…remember what it was like when you first experienced God’s grace. Return to that daily. If you’re married, you should do the same thing by remembering what it was like when you married your spouse. The same way that husbands and wives should return to delighting in their spouses, each Christian needs to return to delight in the one who saved them. Return to Jesus daily friends. Delight in his glorious grace.

Pastor Jason