Midweek Wake-Up, November 15, 2017

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Written by: on: November 15, 2017

Good morning church. I was reminded yesterday of how important it is that we view everything through the lens of God’s grace. When we think about “growth” we need to think of it as an outpouring of God’s grace.

A gentle reminder to you, how are you growing personally in your walk with God? How are you using your gifts to help build the church up in love? The two work together. That’s how we can grow individually and as a church. Talk this through in your small groups and with your friends.

Ultimately though, we are never going to grow as much as we think we should, but the important thing is that we are actually growing. Where we are now, doesn’t matter as much, but it is where we are headed that is the most important. That being said, we are never going to do as good at that as we think. That’s why it’s important to remember God’s grace.

It is only by God’s grace that we are even living today. I recently heard a prominent atheistic astrophysicist talking about how the odds of humanity actually coming into existence are astronomically small. Now he comes to a different reason as to why that is, but the point is that we really don’t deserve to even be alive. Let me tell you that it is only by God’s grace that we are actually alive; only by God’s grace.

Paul in Ephesians 4 challenges us always to be growing, and we should be, but we will mess up. And God’s grace will make up for that. So my challenge to you this week is to grow in your walk with God as we all experience the grace that is offered to us in Christ Jesus.

Pastor Jason