Midweek Wake-Up. May 3rd, 2018

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Written by: on: May 3, 2018

Studying the lives of the Israelites, we see so many comparisons to our own lives, don’t we?  The beginning of Exodus finds them living for years in slavery, beaten down by the oppression.  Their response is to grumble at Moses for taking on the leadership of them, and Moses in turn grumbling to God about being the one chosen for this task.

Then comes Exodus 6, which we walked through on Sunday.  God’s sovereignty on full display as He reminds the Israelites that He’s been faithful to the covenant He made with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  That He will deliver them out of Egypt into a new land, and that He is taking them to be His people, declaring that He will be their God.  Like saying ‘you will be my children and I’ll be your Dad!”  Trust in my covenant promises, because I am going to deliver you.  Like God is saying, ‘preach the gospel to yourselves everyday, in order that you stay grounded to the foundation of your life’.

But we read, the Israelites didn’t listen, choosing instead to have their overwhelmed, broken spirits speak louder than the gospel.  They complain to Moses, who in turn complains to God, being overwhelmed by the circumstances of their lives.

If you were here on Sunday, you heard the quote by Tony Merida stating, “many believers believe in God’s sovereignty theologically, but practically they are emotional train wrecks!”  This really addresses the question of our trust in God’s sovereignty, and how deeply we preach the gospel we proclaim to ourselves.  In turn, having much to do with how we deal with the circumstances in our lives.

NSC, as you wake up this morning, and are feeling overwhelmed by any aspect of life, I exhort you to preach the gospel to yourself.  Remember the covenant promises of a faithful God, who has declared that you are His child, and He is your God!!  And may you rest in this wonderful truth, knowing that all of God’s promises have their yes in Jesus, and they can be trusted as they come from a faithful, unchanging God!!

Pastor Al