Midweek Wake-Up, May 3, 2017

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Written by: on: May 3, 2017

Seems you don’t have to go very far to receive the latest tips and information about experiencing life to the fullest.  Buy this vehicle and it can take you on the escape needed.  Buy this lottery ticket, and if lucky enough to win you can dream about life the way it was meant to be.  Get this gym membership, and in no time you’ll experience the thrill of living as you were meant to.

Against this backdrop it’s no wonder we question the wisdom of the Bible, that we wonder if God has good for us, or He’s simply here to put shackles on our lives.

So what would James say?  Seems he’d say that if we wish to be fully alive we need to be quick to listen to the wisdom of God.  That we need to humble ourselves before God, and walk in obedience to Him, the one who’s created us.  That freedom actually comes from staring intently into the Word of God and then living in the commands and guides given to us.  This is where vitality comes from.

It really does come down to how you view God and His Word.  If you see following God as  onerous drudgery, His Words will appear to be burdensome and suffocating.  But if you see them as the Words of the living God, that will enrich and bless the one who follows them (James 2:25), you will see them as the path to being fully alive!

NSC, my prayer for you this morning is that you wake up with an intense hunger to be fully alive.   May this hunger drive you deeply into God’s Word (the law of freedom as described in James 2:25), being quick to listen taking it in, and thus experiencing life to the full!!

Pastor Al