Midweek Wake-Up, May 23rd, 2019

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Written by: on: May 23, 2019

It might seem a bit strange after reading of yet another incident of feeding a multitude of people on a hill, that perhaps the most intriguing words in Mark 8:1-13, I find to be in verse 13.  It’s here that we read “And he left them, got into the boat again, and went to the other side”.  This comes following their request for a sign from heaven, that would finally verify his claims to be the Messiah.

If you were here on Sunday, we looked back upon 7 chapters of supernatural miracles, healings, and teaching with authority that left the crowds astonished at the words he was saying.  Yet here, after one more supernatural miracle, the religious people ask for a sign to verify who he was.  Jesus, in essence, tells them that one more sign, will not convince them, as he sighs heavily at their hardened hearts that will not accept the truth of the gospel.  And as Jesus hears them still doubting and refusing to surrender to him, he gets into the boat and leaves them.  The reality that they actually are receiving a sign, that he is turning from their hardened hearts, and displaying what happens to those who continually turn from the revelation of who He is.

Which leaves us with asking, how are we responding?  Are we constantly asking for more proof of what God’s Word says?  Looking for reasons as to why we need a continual sign or proof to fully surrender?  Holding back on surrendering our lives to Christ, because we want just a bit more proof that He’s real, or that it’s worth it?  If that’s us, we face the risk of Jesus eventually leaving us to our hardened hearts, as he gets in the boat and leaves.

Unfortunately, that is not the place where we find life.  As Eduard Schweizer states: “faith comes when one steps into the boat with Jesus and does not prefer to remain in safety on the shore”.

This morning NSC, I encourage us to soak up the signs that have come from God’s Word, and then to step into that boat with Jesus, and enjoy the ride of fully surrendering to Him in obedience!

Pastor Al