Midweek Wake-Up, May 17th, 2018

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Written by: on: May 17, 2018

Reading through the plagues in the book of Exodus is to read an increasing sense of judgment and an increasing sense of mercy and grace.  While the Egyptians continue to experience the wrath and judgment of God as Pharaoh’s heart is hardened towards Him, the Israelites experience the grace of God as they are hidden in the land of Goshen, protected from the increasing judgment.  In the plague of hail, we even see God warning people to take shelter (including the Egyptians) as those unprotected will not survive the severity of the coming storm.

God’s people, chosen by Him, hidden in His safety as judgment is poured out.  What we see in the plagues is the gospel, and the incredible kindness toward us His people.  Though the plagues were localized in Egypt at a particular time, they point us toward Revelation 16 where we read of similar plagues of judgment being poured out, while those that have taken shelter in the cross of Christ are protected in the glorious presence of God.

What do we see, as we said on Sunday?  That God’s judgment is intermingled with God’s incredible mercy and grace.  Pouring out His judgment upon His Son on the cross, in order that in the cross we’d be spared the judgment being poured out.  What a beautiful picture of undeserved love and kindness!

This morning NSC, may you pray along with the Psalmist, that one day in the courts of our God, really is better than a thousand elsewhere.  A song that is rather difficult to sing if we miss the beauty of the gospel.  And may this preciousness fill your soul with absolute delight and joy as you walk through your day, pointing others toward this glorious God we worship!

Pastor Al