Midweek Wake-Up, May 17, 2017

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Written by: on: May 17, 2017

Time and again in the book of James, after being exhorted to dig deeply into the word of God, we’re exhorted to live our lives as evidence of having read it, of having grasped this to be true.  The litmus test of our faith appears to be in how we live out the very things Scripture calls us to.

This past Sunday the test was favouritism and partiality, yet at the root of it seemed to be a matter of glory.  James exhorts the believers to not show partiality or favouritism.  Why?  As believers of the glorious Lord Jesus Christ, they are to find their glory in him alone.  Not in wealth, or money or power or self exultation but in Jesus Christ.

At the heart of what James writes, at the heart of Scripture is one continuing question that you and I must ask “are we captivated by the supremacy of Christ?”  How we answer this has such a huge impact on our lives.  If we’re captivated by people, we will show favouritism and partiality because the glory of people is what we crave.  However, if we’re captivated by the supremacy of Christ, we will crave the glory of Jesus.  And this lies at the foundation of James – how do we not speak careless words, learn to deal with our anger, not show favouritism etc?  By being captivated by the glory of our Lord Jesus.

So this morning NSC, one question to dwell on: are you captivated by the supremacy of Christ?  I pray we answer yes, and thus live our lives to the glory of our God, the very thing James calls us to.

Pastor Al