Midweek Wake-Up, March 4, 2015

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Written by: on: March 4, 2015

Bible Passage: Romans 9

Sitting high above Thunder Bay en route to Bangladesh, I find myself reflecting on the intersection of life’s realities and the Bible’s relevance.  I confess that I found my soul rather restless as I prepared for departure on Monday, with a variety of thoughts and anxiousness muddled in my brain.

I found my mind going back to the reality that just over a month ago, had God not spared Monica, I could have found myself alone.  Monday, Zach could hardly stay awake to say goodbye to me, as he has now been totally lifeless for a week and we have sought out the doctors to try and figure out what’s going on.  And I’m on my way half way around the world, feeling out of control with what’s happening.

As you read this, I would suspect your mind goes to the things that have you overwhelmed, anxious, feeling like life is unmanageable or rather out of control at the moment.

And into your reality, and into my reality steps Romans 9, bringing us face to face with the sovereign God, who is over every aspect of this universe.  The God who cannot act unjustly, whether it’s in matters of salvation, or matters of the realities of your life.  If God could act unjustly or unfairly, this would go against His character, and He would cease to be God.  Nothing in your life, nothing in my life has caught God off guard.  Can you rest in that truth?  It might be a struggle, there is some tension getting there, but I do believe it is where peace and freedom are found.

You see the holiness, the majesty, the absolute sovereignty of God over all things really is the only sure foundation for our lives and an anchor for our souls which are often found restless, and storm tossed all over the place.  The reality is that our lives and all we face in the reality of being humans is the test of how much we trust in the faithfulness of the all wise, all governing, all sovereign God.  Life will change, chaotic moments come up, it seems out of control, but our sovereign God is over all, and never changes.

So church, I don’t know what is filling your mind today, what has you fearful, worried, anxious, thinking that God is not fair.  What has your soul feeling restless and lost?  I urge you, place your lives and your cares into the hands of the sovereign God, the one who loves you more than you can imagine, who has chosen you as an object of His mercy, the one who works all things together for your good.  May you delight in the joy and the freedom of surrendering all to this all wise and all sovereign God, in whose hands your lives lie.