Midweek Wake-Up, March 28, 2018

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Written by: on: March 28, 2018

Looking back on Palm Sunday, the day that ushers in Holy Week, it’s rather intriguing to meditate upon the reality that the God of the universe rode into Jerusalem on a lowly donkey.  Having stepped out of the heavens, He enters our world in order to save the very ones that spurned Him.  The very ones that have shouted ‘Hosanna in the highest’, shout ‘crucify Him’ only a week later.  The transcendent God becoming God among us!  But they missed the message.  Thinking their greatest need was being set free from the Romans, they yell crucify him when he didn’t pull through.  Missing the truth that their greatest need was the forgiveness of their sin.

Years earlier, as we heard on Sunday, the holy transcendent God, steps into the world and encounters Moses in the form of a burning bush in Exodus 3.  Moses seeing this incredible sight approaches the bush and is informed to take off his shoes, as he’s standing on holy ground.  Moses, grasping that he’s in the presence of a holy God, knowing that a rescue from slavery is needed, is dumbfounded that the holy, transcendent God is actually conversing with him, coming down to save His people.

What goes through your mind as you read these verses and hear this encounter?  Do you grasp the blazing glory of God, in all of His holiness and majesty?  Do you tremble in fear, understanding as Moses did, that he had to hide his face from God in order to live?  Is your view of God majestic enough?  Then within this view, are you stunned that this holy, majestic, perfect God would actually stoop to the low of entering into our world, drawing us to Himself, in order to take the death penalty for our sin?  This is the incredible picture of fire is it not?  Something that both draws us in with its warmth and has us tremble in its power.  Discovering a God more terrifying but also more loving than we could ever imagine or dream up.

NSC, as we journey towards the cross this week, I pray this will guide your worship of the holy God we worship.  A God so far above us, but a God who loves us enough to come to our world, and offer up His life for us.  Asking if our view of God is majestic enough to grasp the wonder of the incarnation, and the sacrifice given on our behalf?

And as we gaze once again upon this wonder, may we be in awe and adoration of the God who comes to save!!

Pastor Al