Midweek Wake-Up, March 22, 2018

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Written by: on: March 22, 2018

Seems each week, as we share through our community prayer time, we get a glimpse into our lives as individuals and as a body.  Often we hear of much joy, and many times we hear of many struggles and the painful reality of our lives and what we walk through, either personally or alongside others.

I think we could all acknowledge, the cry of the Israelites at the end of Exodus 2 as they ‘groan because of their slavery, and cry out for help’.  A cry for rescue from slavery, a cry that comes before God we’re told, before the God who heard their groaning and remembered His covenant with Abraham, Isaac & Jacob.

Cries from a people who only needed to look back on their history to grasp the faithfulness of the God they were crying out to.  Their very lives were a testimony to the sovereignty of God.  God had told them in Genesis that their ancestor Abraham would have descendants too numerous to count, and here they were being oppressed for their rising numbers.  God had told Abraham these same descendants would endure slavery for 400 years in a foreign land.  What God had declared would happen, is exactly where the Israelites found themselves living.  And it was this same God who had declared that they would come out of this land, being led by their God.

So in their cries for help, they knew that they could trust in the faithfulness and sovereignty of God, who had kept His Word.  This was the living God to whom they cried for mercy!  And in whom they put their trust!

NSC, this is the same God that you and I cry out to week after week.  With our cries for help and rescue.  Help in the broken world we find ourselves living in, help for the pain we endure week after week, help for making sense out of it all, help to know that the sovereign God is still in control.  And knowing what God has promised to us, is what helps us cry these pleas for help with the assurance of a God who hears.  Crying to this God who promised a Messiah who came to die for us.  Promised to step into our world to redeem us.  Promised that He would never leave us.  As he was faithful to His promise in Exodus, He remains faithful to His promises in 2018!

NSC, this morning may you once again preach the gospel to yourself.  Knowing, as we enter this Easter season, that as God has been faithful to step into our world to rescue us, we can rest in the promises laid out for us in Scripture, because of this truth!  May this give you rest and peace!!

Pastor A