Midweek Wake-Up, March 18, 2015

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Written by: on: March 18, 2015

Bible Passage: Romans 11:1-10

Everybody likes “good news”.  Sometimes its trivial, like the Jets winning a game, and sometimes its something more significant – like a birth.  And in the Bible we learn about the greatest news – that everyone who calls on the name of the Lord has been saved from the penalty of sin.

Paul taught this good news, but had a dilemma:  Why didn’t his own people, the Jews, accept this Gospel?  Even though someone had been sent by God to tell this Word – even though they had heard it and understood it – why was it that they (at least most of them) rejected the message and were even jealous of those who accepted it?

But in verse 17, Paul hits on up an underlying truth.  That Faith comes from hearing the message, and that message is heard from the Word of Christ.  Faith comes from the Gospel – the good news about the Lamb that was slaughtered for our sins.  As Paul said in Romans 1:15, “the Gospel is the power of God that brings salvation to all who believe”.

If the message itself brings about Faith, then what should we do?  Well, we should spread it.  And this message is not just any news.  It is an extraordinarily powerful Word – a Word that changes people.  This good news works in peoples lives as they hear it and see it lived out in others’ lives.  And our job is simple – to share this message with others, and then to let Jesus ride our words and speak His Word to their heart.

So this week, as we see the hurt around us, let us be in prayer for others and then let us take this powerful Word of good news to them so that Jesus can do His work of healing.

Dawson Reimer