Midweek Wake-Up, June 28th, 2018

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Written by: on: June 28, 2018

If you were at NSC on Sunday, you heard the following quote as we walked through another portion of Exodus.  The quote was the following: “We’re not in the land of the living and heading for the land of the dying, but we’re in the land of the dying, trying to get to the land of the living.”  Really is a great description of the book of Exodus, as they come through the wilderness, seeking to find their way to the promised land.  And along the way, they encountered obstacle after obstacle seeking to throw them off course.

Really is a picture of our lives is it not?  Moving through the wilderness of life on earth seeking to enter the land of the living: the glorious presence of God.  And as we see in Exodus no such battle can be won without a sustained prayer life and a deep gaze upon the sovereign God.  In Exodus 17 we are given the picture of Joshua entering battle while Moses stands on the hill, hands outstretched towards God.

Everyday, you and I wake up to the battles of our lives.  Fighting to hold on to our faith when we get discouraged.  Fighting to hold on to our beliefs, when we’re pulled towards the idols that surround us.  Fighting to hold true to the gospel, when the culture around us threatens to attack us for our beliefs.  What will sustain us in these times?  Looking toward the living God, who is our banner (our foundation), lifting our hands to him in a posture of prayer.  Admitting our absolute dependence upon Him, knowing that we are powerless on our own to fight through these.

This morning NSC, as you awake to a new day, filled with potential of the battles of worry, fear, anxiety, inadequacy and so many others.  May we look towards the Lord who’s banner is over us, may we hold out our hands in a posture of prayer to the living God admitting our dependence upon Him, and may we corporately hold each other up as we journey towards the land of the living.  And in doing this may we know the freedom and joy of entering these battles as we’re called to while living in the freedom that the battle belongs to the Lord!!

Pastor Al