Midweek Wake Up, June 28, 2017

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Written by: on: June 28, 2017

This morning I took out the trash, another solemn reminder that every week thousands of pounds of garbage find their way to the Brady Landfill.  Yes, some of this is the usual household garbage that necessitates the dump, but much of it at one point in our lives held such a draw, as we gazed upon our new possessions with awe.  And now the garbage truck takes it away to rot and waste away at the dump.

Like an Old Testament prophet, in chapter 5, James calls for us to wail, lament and weep over the stock and security we’ve put in our possessions and wealth and how we’ve attained so much of this.  A judgment is coming upon those that have hoarded up wealth to be self-indulgently spent on ourselves, exploiting and oppressing individuals for our gain.

Sound like bad news?  It is….unless we’re grounded in a proper hope.  The hope says, James, that if we wait patiently, Christ is returning to execute judgment and to take us home – the place where we were meant to be.  The reality that there is one thing that will never rot away or corrode – the reality that we’re forgiven as God’s children, who’ll fulfill our longing to head back to the garden.

Whee does your hope lie this morning NSC?  Is it in the stuff you’re acquiring and what you can do with your wealth?  Or is it in the reality that there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ, and this reality means we can patiently wait for Christ to come and make all things right?  How we view this is crucial to our lives.  Either they’ll be lived using our wealth for that which corrodes and wastes away.  Or we’ll use our wealth to store up riches in heaven?

This morning NSC, which path will you choose?

Pastor Al