Midweek Wake-Up, June 26th, 2019

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Written by: on: June 26, 2019

Midweek Wake-Up

In the midst of an argument between two very influential groups, the disciples and the Scribes comes one of the remarkable responses we read about in the Bible.  Commentator James Edwards describes it as one of the greatest responses in all of Scripture from an honest man, and one of the most transparent in all of Scripture.  A man who’s faith is rather imperfect, struggling, weak, and yet an honest plea for help from the only one he knows that can help him.

I believe; help my unbelief” the man cries out.  An honest, heartfelt plea.  Like he’s saying, “I am trying so hard to believe, but I’m also so full of doubt”.  And Jesus does not rebuke him for this but rather heals the man’s son.  Like he’s acknowledging that this man has faith, and is desperately trying to have faith, a beautiful tension.

I find this dialogue so encouraging, because I cry this same prayer regularly.  God, I believe that you can draw people to yourself, even when it seems like the gospel is impacting no one.  Please help me believe this!  I believe that you are sovereign over everything and that nothing in my life has caught you by surprise.  But please help me believe this!  I believe that your promises are true and that you are working out all things for good.  So please help me believe this!  I believe that I am forgiven by grace and I don’t have to nor can I earn your favour.  But please help me to believe this!  And the list goes on.

NSC, I pray this morning that you find the encounter that Jesus has with this man refreshing and encouraging.  While we believe, we struggle to believe.  And Jesus does not reprimand us, but continually shows Himself to us, as the one we can trust.  So this morning, as you drink that morning coffee, perhaps fretting about the various things in your life, cry out “God I believe, so please, help me believe!”

Pastor Al