Midweek Wake-Up, June 13th, 2018

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Written by: on: June 13, 2018

If you were here on Sunday, you heard two quotes from Olympic athletes from 1924, both with very different approaches to how they ran their races.  Gold medalist and missionary Eric Liddell made the following comment: “I believe God made me for a purpose, but he also made me fast. And when I run I feel His pleasure.”

His fellow countryman, Harold Abrahams, also a gold medalist, made this statement before beginning the 100 meter race: “And now in one hour’s time, I will be out there again. I will raise my eyes and look down that corridor; 4 feet wide, with 10 lonely seconds to justify my existence. But will I?”

As I hear those two quotes, I hear something so totally different, from each athlete, both obviously competitive, driven individuals.  Liddell understood that he’d been created by God, felt God’s pleasure in how he’d been created, revelled in the fact that he was God’s child.  As a result he even gave up running in the 100 meters in 1924, even though this was his strongest distance.  He refused to run on the sabbath, deciding instead to run the 400 meters, in which he won the gold.  The medal wasn’t enough to prove his worth, as he found his identity in Christ.

Abrahams on the other hand, felt his identity was solely tied into his identity as a runner, thus giving him as he stated, 10 lonely seconds to justify his existence.  Do you see the difference?  Both men won a gold medal that year.  For Liddell, it was simply an accomplishment that was good, but it didn’t define him.  For Abrahams, he seems to state that his identity will be lost if he didn’t win the race.  Everything hinged on that 10 seconds.

In Galatians 4, Paul gives us the answer to our search for identity and purpose in life.  He states in the first 7 verses, that at just the right time God sent His Son.  The time when our own means of proving our worth and identity were failing, God adopted us His children, through Christ, so that we could call Him “Abba Father”, daddy!!

This morning NSC, as we again awake to a culture that screams for us to find our identity in our race, our money, our job, our accomplishments, our gender, etc….know that your identity is found in this truth that Paul writes about.  You are an adopted child of the God of the universe, because of what His son went through on the cross for us!!

Drink deeply of this truth this morning, and revel in this truth!!

Pastor Al