Midweek Wake-Up, July 26 2017

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Written by: on: July 26, 2017

On Sunday morning we continued our series on spiritual gifts by considering the gift of teaching.  We looked at the Apostle Paul’s farewell speech to the Elders at Ephesus where Paul recounted his ministry with them over a 3 year period.   We looked at Acts 20:17-38 and observed six points about what makes a good teacher.  I’ve been asked if I would repeat those points here. So here goes:

1.Good teachers teach the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth  (v. 20, 27)
2.Good teaching happens in different places and at different times (v.20)
3.For good teachers, the gospel is always central (vv. 21, 24)
4.Good teachers watch out for wolves (false teaching) (vv. 28-31)
5.Good teachers are confident in the power of God’s Word to rescue sinners and build the church (v. 32)
6.Good teachers share more than the Word of God – they share their lives as well (vv. 18-19 & 36-38)

NSC, think about these truths.   Although some folks are given a particular gift of teaching, in one way or another we are all teachers so these points apply to us all.  Some of these points are very counter cultural to Canada in 2017 – which ones?   Some of these points also challenge our traditional church culture in 2017 – which ones?

After considering all of this, do you feel an excitement about teaching the Word of God?  Do you feel that God may have gifted you in this way and is perhaps calling you to teach in the church? If the answer is “yes”, come and speak to us and let us know

 We’d love to talk to you about that and pray with you


  We need good teachers!