Midweek Wake-Up, January 30th, 2019

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Written by: on: January 30, 2019

Midweek Wake-Up

Good morning from Minneapolis, church.  On Sunday, we looked at what it means to courageously pray in this time of living as exiles here on planet earth.  Exiles, as we continue to get pushed to the margins, the place where the church has always thrived.

In 1st Kings 18, we have the famous confrontation of Elijah with the prophets of Baal.  The showdown is ultimately about their worship of Yahweh, and whether or not God’s people will remain faithful, and will remain God’s people.  In the end, after the confrontation where God powerfully sends down fire to consume the sacrifice on the altar, making it clear that God alone is God, Elijah courageously cries out answer me, Lord!  Answer me so that these people will know that You, Yahweh, are God and that You have turned their hearts back.

This is, as Carson points, out a prayer that cries out “Do It Again God!”.  Do it again God: turn out hearts back to you, corporately and individually.  Turn the hearts of our family and friends back to you.  Turn the hearts of our city back to you.  As we are so prone to wonder, we cry out again and again to God, please turn our hearts back to you.  Left to ourselves, our hearts wonder from God, and will only be drawn back by Him.

NSC, this morning I encourage us and challenge us that we would cry out to God, please do it again, for the sake and the glory of your Holy name!

Pastor Al