Midweek Wake-Up, January 17, 2018

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Written by: on: January 17, 2018

Good morning NSC!  As I write this I’m siting in a hotel lobby in downtown Minneapolis, enjoying a coffee, and reflecting on the glory of God.  Sunday, as we walked through Colossians 2:16-23 we were both encouraged and warned by Paul’s words.  Asking the church at Colossae, why they’d settle for mere shadows of religion, when the reality of the gospel is found in Christ alone.  Encouraging them to find all of their delight in Christ, while fleeing those that would kidnap them, holding them them hostage to empty and deceitful philosophies.

Yesterday morning I was challenged again to live in an awe of God, being stunned by the wonder of who He is.  In light of this, facing the reality that we are all stunned and in awe of something around us, the question often being what is that thing that Is so capturing my attention?  Paul Tripp reminded us that we worship “a God of such stunning glory – that whatever we all hold on to for awe could never come close to an awe and wonder of God”.

I believe there is such a co-relation.  If we are not in complete awe of the glory of God, we will run after the fleeting and dangerous philosophies of our day, looking to be filled by something.  On the contrary, if we are stunned by the majestic glory of God, we know that it would be absurd to live in the shadows, when in Christ we have the reality of all we search and hunger for.

NSC, from a hotel in Minneapolis, I pray this morning that you would hunger deeply for our God, and be completely in awe of Him, crawling out from under the shadows, to enjoy the rich reality of knowing Christ!

Pastor Al