Midweek Wake-Up, January 10, 2018

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Written by: on: January 10, 2018

As we begin the dawn of another new year, with the beginning still fresh in our mind, I want to simply direct you to one question to ponder.  Perhaps a question to reflect on, as you think of what you wish to pursue in the year ahead.  That question being, “Is Jesus Christ enough for me?”  As you ponder the many pursuits and desires you have for 2018, how do you answer this question.

Sunday we were reminded of Paul reflecting on this question in Colossians 2:9.  Telling the church at Colossae that in Christ, all the fullness of the Deity, of God, dwells.  And then the rich words reminding them that “they have been filled with Christ”.  All of who God is, dwelling in His Son, now has come to dwell among us, to take up residence in us.

This reality should change much how we ponder the above question.  If all of who God is, dwells in us through His Son, meditate on that.  Paul tells us we’ve been brought to new life, that all of our guilt is nailed to the cross, that God has given us a heart of flesh in place of our heart of stone.  He satisfies all we long for.  And we know this to be true as He’s triumphed over Satan and over death.

NSC, you could not receive more than that in 2018.  So is Jesus Christ enough for you this year?  I pray that this will bring you to sweet meditations on the glory of God, and a deep delight in His Son as we walk through another year together!!

Pastor Al