Midweek Wake-Up, February 10th, 2019

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Written by: on: February 13, 2019

Have you ever wondered why life can be filled with such ecstatic joy along with such deep pain and misery all at the same time?  I believe it’s because through this we get this picture of the human struggle, desperately seeking to get back to the tree of life, which is ultimately the glorious presence of God in all it’s splendour and fullness.

If you were here on Sunday, we looked at the reality of Eve and Adam, taking that bite of fruit that spun the world into chaos and disorder.  That bite stemming from a place of having everything; the perfect marriage; the perfect house and yard; the perfect job; the perfect spiritual times with God each day.  And yet within them, lurked a sense of discontent, longing for more, something that lurks inside all of us.  Nancy Guthrie states the following “most of us have been there – we don’t mind obeying as long as what God has commanded makes sense to us and we agree with it.”  

And thus they rebel against God, desiring to determine for themselves what is right and wrong, disorder ensues, and original sin enters the world.  One can only imagine how dreadful those first bites must have tasted to them, as spiritual death entered their lives.  What was once marked by blessing was now marked by curse.  As a result Genesis 3:24 tells us that the way to the tree of life was now blocked from them.  But Revelation 22 tells us that for those who trust in Christ through faith, and persevere in the faith, the tree of life awaits them, as a way back has been made possible.  Thus the human journey is one of seeking to get back to the tree of life.

So why do we experience such grief and such joy?  The pain we face and experience continually reminds us of the sinful world we live in, caused by our rebellion against God.  And the joy we experience, is just a foreshadowing of the joy we long for, the return to the tree, which is the glorious presence of our God.  This is the wonder of the gospel.

So this morning NSC, as you experience the painful and joyful realities of life, may it bring you to the tale of a tree, longing for the glorious presence of our God!

Pastor Al