Midweek Wake-Up, December 12th, 2018

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Written by: on: December 12, 2018

Nothing has changed over 2000 years.  People responded to Jesus in very diverse ways.  Back then,  everyone was in awe of his power to heal or his command over violent storms.  People were intrigued by his authority to teach.  Others were amazed at his authority over evil.  However, there were those who saw Jesus as a threat to the religious establishment, those who hated him and those who plotted to kill him.  Today we also see diverse responses to Jesus and his word.  The parable of the sower in Mark chapter 4 helps us to understand the reason why people respond to the Word of God in different ways by picturing the hearts of all people as different kinds of soil (see Mark chapter 4:1-20).   The question that we’re all confronted with is “what kind of soil are we?”  How do you respond when you read the Word of God or hear the Word of God being taught?   As Rico Tice says, we all have a walk-on part in this parable.

On Sunday morning we recommended devotional books to help us read and understand God’s Word.  Within a matter of minutes, all twenty that we had purchased were sold.  That is exciting to see!  As we approach the new year what steps will you take to enable you to dig into and understand God’s Word?  We will have Bible reading plans available for you in the coming weeks. If you’re interested in the “Explore” bible reading notes check out the following video and let us know.


Pastor Andy