Midweek Wake-Up, April 25th 2018

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Written by: on: April 25, 2018

In Exodus 5 we get the long-awaited confrontation between God and Pharaoh. The Israelites have been in slavery for hundreds of years at this point. They need a rescuer. God has come to rescue them, and Moses is His messenger. Yet when Moses asks Pharaoh for their freedom, Pharaoh says no. God seemingly does nothing to free them. The worst part is now Pharaoh increases their workload to a point where they are at risk of literally being worked to death. So where is God in all of this? And why has God allowed it to get even worse for the Israelites?

We get to view the story in hindsight. It becomes apparent that God cares for the Israelites greatly, and He does rescue them from slavery, but God does allow them to experience bumps along the way. God is in the process of forging a nation here, and this would be a nation that would have to be resilient. Eventually, God would bring about His plan for the redemption of humanity by sending His son Jesus to be born into that nation. This nation must persevere. So instead of making it easy, God makes it hard for them, so that they can grow.

This appears mean on God’s part, but anytime we grow in any area, it is through hard work, mistakes, or pain we experience along the way. What is the way in which God is challenging you to grow? Are you comfortable remaining in your current state like the Israelites were comfortable remaining in slavery? Or are you trusting God as you work through the challenges and grow into the next thing He is leading you into?

My prayer is that in the midst of adversity we could trust that God is always leading us into something more.

Have a blessed week.

Pastor Jason