Midweek Wake-Up, April 20, 2017

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Written by: on: April 20, 2017

One can only imagine the intensity of that first Easter for Jesus’ followers.  On Friday they watch with pain and agony as their leader is nailed to a cross.  They return to their jobs, only to have Sunday come around, and discover that Jesus is alive and soon they’re talking around a table with him, enjoying a meal together.

And the response is drastic.  From this fearful, kind of bumbling group they become a radically changed group of individuals.  They worship God with a new intensity and hunger.  They humbly submit to His word as their Lord and head of the church?   The begin a prayer ministry that would be the catalyst for the beginning of the church, and they can’t shut up about the reality that Jesus is alive.  They live with a passion for the sharing of the gospel, though it cost them their very lives, many through persecution and martyrdom.

As I reflected on the resurrection this week, seeing the change in the early disciples I found myself directing questions at my own mind and soul.  Do I wake up each day with a deep, deep yearning to be in the presence of God?  Do I humbly submit to God’s Words as my Lord and head of the body?  Do I ache in agony over friends and family that are dying and going to hell?  Does this ache drive me to seek every opportunity as the early disciples did to share this good news?  If I don’t have this ache, am I even gripped by the gospel?  Does my life, my words and actions, reflect an experience and relationship with the risen Lord?

And perhaps the most sobering question I find myself asking.  If I’m struggling in my desire to answer yes to those questions, do I even know this risen Lord?  Has the resurrection made any impact on my life at all?  Have I known the wonder and awe of the gospel, that Jesus gave his life on my behalf?

This morning NSC, I pray that God again would grip you with an awe of what He’s done on your behalf, and may our lives reflect the wonderful reality of a relationship with the risen Lord!!

Pastor Al