Midweek Wake-Up, September 28, 2017

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Written by: on: September 28, 2017

Fathers who have given away a daughter as a bride at a wedding, know the joy of walking your beautiful young girl down the aisle, along with the emotion of giving her away to a young man who has won her heart.  Often times, many conversations precede this precious moment.  Conversations of how will the groom treat this bride that is priceless to you, while at the same time conversations of what it means to be a faithful bride, to a husband who commits to dying for and serving her.

This is the picture that Scripture paints for us in our relationship to Jesus, our groom.  The church, the bride of Christ, has been given to Jesus as a love gift from the Father.  But with that like any marriage come the expectations.  The groom has fulfilled his part, dying for us while we were still dead in our sin.  As we’ve walked up the aisle to the groom, in all of our brokenness, sin and mess the voice has asked: “who gives these sinners to this Saviour?”  To which the Father has said with much delight, “I do”.

And so the question to the bride is, will we be faithful?  Will we walk in complete submission to the Son who has died for us?  To the Father who has chosen us as the bride?  Submitting to God’s Word and hope for His bride, even when it goes against our desires, wishes and wants.  Will we be faithful?

You see as the bride, we really are left with only two choices.  Either we submit to God’s Word and rule for our lives, living as the faithful bride.  Or we commit adultery, listening to the voices of culture around us, and only submit and listen in the places we feel like it.  Those places that we agree with.  Unfortunately, this choice leaves us as the unfaithful bride.

NSC, may we be faithful.  May the Father look upon us with joy and delight as we walk in faithfulness and submission to the one who has chosen us!!

Pastor Al