Mid Week Wake-Up, March 1, 2017

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Written by: on: March 1, 2017

In a culture that rallies against injustices, and speaks up for various injustices and rights violations perpetrated against individuals, and those who perhaps don’t have a voice, it is interesting that abortion quietly slips under our radars.  I do not write that as a political statement this morning, but simply as an observation.  An observation that makes me wonder.

Do we not agree that the baby inside of a mother’s womb is a living human being, in spite of the Biblical passages declaring this truth, being backed by the scientific knowledge, understanding and research we have?  Do we not have the proper understanding of Imago Dei: the image of God?  Or have we become hardened to the unjust reality of what is taking place in our city and country each and every day?

Whatever it is for any of us, I ask one thing of you this morning NSC: to pray about this matter and to bring it before God.  To spend some time asking whether or not we’re grieving deeply enough for the loss of life that is happening through the reality of abortion?  To spend some time praying that God would soften our hearts to the plight of the unborn.  To spend some time asking, if this is a rights issue, who is speaking on behalf of the children that have no voice?

And then to simply ask God, what are you calling me to, or asking of me in this situation?  And praying that we would be open to what God calls us to, and what it would mean for us that we’ve been created in the beautiful image of God, and daily that image is being destroyed.

Pastor Al