Mid Week Wake-Up, February 2, 2017

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Written by: on: February 2, 2017

Have you savoured that first cup of coffee this morning, inhaling the rich aroma of the perking grounds as the scent has wafted through the kitchen?  Have you settled into the day of work, as the tasks before you, potentially give you the opportunity to exercise the creativity that God has gifted you with? Have you begun the day of studies, exploring new wonders with your mind, or perhaps you find yourself looking forward to the joy of experiencing the winter weather today while jogging or riding your bike, hearing the crunch of the snow underneath your feet. Or simply reflecting on the evening meal ahead of you, already tasting the dish you’re preparing. Or perhaps the day ahead feels like a struggle: struggling with God, waffling on submitting to His word; all of our inborn selfishness waging a battle within our souls.

Paul would tell us this morning, that whatever we do, do it all to the glory of God, for this is worship. He would also tell us, in view of God’s mercies climb up on the altar of submission to God, for this is worship.

This morning NSC, has God’s kindness and mercy overwhelmed you to the point, that you are staggered that a holy God would choose to rescue you, in spite of yourself? Has that staggering reality, led you to such adoration that this day will be lived out in a display of His glory and greatness, regardless what comes along.

This says Scripture is worship, and living life to the glory of God. My prayer for you today NSC, as we get set to head back to Winnipeg, is that in view of God’s incredible mercy, we’d all submit our bodies as living sacrifices, corporately worshiping our great God!!

Pastor Al