Our Staff & Leadership…

Senior Pastor email

Pastor Al serves as the Senior Pastor at NSC.  As such he guides the pastoral team, along with the church leadership, to bring spiritual oversight to the body, seeking to have NSC be a place that strives to equip God’s people to extend God’s kingdom.  In this capacity he is involved in preaching, counselling & visitation, giving guidance to particular ministries along with facilitating various foreign church and mission relationships that NSC has established.

IMG_8812-1He and his lovely wife Monica have the incredible privilege of raising and journeying through life with 3 children, one daughter and 2 sons.  This year they entered the world of becoming in-laws as they celebrated a family marriage.

When he’s not at church, you’ll find Pastor Al on the golf course, in a canoe, fishing, out for a jog or a skate down at the community club.  If he’s not actively pursuing one of these interests he’s sitting in a rink or gym cheering on his own boys, or probably cheering on the Leafs or Riders.  He also deeply enjoys sitting in his garden reading Louis L’Amour westerns, dreaming of being a cowboy.  And, of course, he lives with the conviction that each of these go better with a strong cup of coffee!

To contact Pastor Al by phone, please call the office at (204) 475-3841 

Pastor of Community Life/Evangelism email

As Pastor of Community Life and Evangelism, Andy’s role involves seeking opportunities for building community within NSC. Andy will be working with our small group leaders to give direction and encouragement. Andy will also be seeking to initiate community activities that will enrich fellowship and, well, just be good fun!  Andy will seek to encourage mentoring relationships within the church.  Andy will also seek to equip and encourage NSC in our role of evangelism through discussion and teaching as well as by utilizing  programs like Christianity Explored.

PorterFamilyAndy is married to Ingrid and they have four children, Jonathan, Jasmine, Joshua and Jade, as well as a dog named Pepper.  Ingrid comes from Thunder Bay ON, and met Andy whilst working with a church in England. Andy and Ingrid lived and served God in England for 12 years before moving to Canada in 2003.

Andy is very interested in how he can love, enjoy and glorify God more whilst living on this planet, and encouraging others to do the same. He loves spending time with his family, walking the dog and, as much as practically possible, travelling everywhere in the city by bike. Andy enjoys attempting and watching various sports, but particularly football with a round ball. Since moving to Canada, Andy has become a keen Hockey fan and is delighted that the Winnipeg Jets have returned. Andy also loves camping with his family and appreciates being the best fisher person in his clan!

To contact Pastor Andy by phone, please call the office at (204) 475-3841 

Ministerial Council

The NSC Council cares for the spiritual life of the church, listening and responding to the needs and concerns of the congregation. If you would like to contact any of our council members they can be reached by email via the links below.

Keith Peters – Interim Council Chair

Al Letkeman – Senior Pastor

Andy Porter – Pastor of Community Life/Evangelism

Loren Dueck – Council Member

Mike Luik – Council Member

Lauren Kroeker – Council Member

Ryan Wall – Council Member

Support Staff

Joey Sanchez: Administrative Assistant

(204) 475-3841; email

Nancy Robertson: Caretaker

(204) 475-3841

Kathy Fehr: Book Keeper

(204) 453-1318