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Nassau Street Church 232 Nassau St. North Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R3L 2H8 map phone: (204) 475-3841 fax: (204) 287-2202 email

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We are part of the Evangelical Mennonite Mission Conference (EMMC)

Office Hours

Monday – Thursday 9:00-12:00, 1:00-4:00

Friday 9:00-12:00



We are committed to opening ourselves to the word of God together, and to having it shape our thoughts and our actions. Our goal is to equip God’s people to extend God’s kingdom.

NSC’s full statement of faith.

Mission in Logo:

logologo explanation




“The icon is a visual representation of the Gospel and Christ. The four outer circles represent the Gospels, with the cross in the center representing Christ. The ends of the cross form arrows which suggest spreading the message of Christ.”
~Kelli Stewart (NSC logo designer)